Hello Ewe for schools

We would like to introduce you to Hello Ewe, pure Australian Merino clothing for school children.


Our products can be customised to include your school logo.  We have a range of styles including v-neck and crew-neck jumpers as well a vest, and an intensive colour range and can also incorporate stripes.


Hello Ewe was founded out of a desire to share a natural, durable and practical solution to dressing children for school.


Having both been raised on sheep properties we are passionate about the properties of this incredible natural fibre.  No other fibre has the capacity to regulate temperature like Australian Merino wool does.  It keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.  It is also fire resistant, blocks UV light and is biodegradable.


Our jumpers are made from a soft, yet durable weave which makes them tough enough to handle the washing machine and school life.


It is so encouraging to see schools embracing and promoting sustainability and environmental awareness, through school recycling, ‘nude food’, kitchen garden programs etc. It would be wonderful to see that education carried through to what students are wearing. Reconnecting children with where their clothes come from (natural v synthetic) and the impact our purchase choices have on the environment and how our clothes are made.


We have tried to make the process simple for schools and parents, and as the majority of school uniform suppliers don’t offer a 100% Merino jumper, made in Australia – there is no conflict or overlap with current uniform supply contracts.  The Hello Ewe offering is an “additional” uniform option for parents, but one endorsed and promoted by schools.


For further information please contact

Kate Bell


0424 017 229