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Welcome to Hello Ewe for School


We are delighted to introduce schools to Hello Ewe. Made in regional Victoria it has grown from the grass roots family farm to a niche market promoting quality Merino wool knitwear.


Like many good Australian products, it tells the story of rural enterprise providing for their fast-paced school cousins who need tough and durable clothes to toss in the machine after school, sports and socialising. Hello Ewe knitwear is made from a soft, yet durable weave which makes them perfect for everyday school wear. They are tough enough to handle the washing machine and still be passed down to siblings, friends and back into the school clothing pool.


Hello Ewe supports the Australian Curriculum which promotes sustainability and values Agricultural studies. We are encouraging schools to incorporate a natural, sustainable and ethically made Australian uniform option to help make real change in a real world.


Hello Ewe understands every school and their students are different.  We work with each school to develop a uniform option that suits that school, their students and families.

Note: we can accommodate all major school colours, yarn weights and have an embroidery service.


Why choose Hello Ewe Merino knitwear for your school?

  • they are ethically made in regional Victoria

  • they are natural, bio-degradable and sustainable

  • they are quality knitwear made to last for years and can be passed on to siblings, friends and back into the school clothing pool

  • they support Australian farmers, manufacturing and the environment

Please contact Hello Ewe by emailing hello@helloewe.com, for information and to organise a time for us to meet and discuss how an Australian made, natural and sustainable uniform option could be incorporated into your school community.

Thank you for considering Hello Ewe.

Kate Bell


Hello Ewe